Applied Sci&Tech Ph.D. Program (AST), North Carolina A&T State University

Dynamic Mountain Meteorology

(AST 885-03)

Professor Yuh-Lang Lin
Department of Physics, AST PhD Program
North Carolina
A&T State University

A. Syllabus

Lecture Notes

    1.   Introduction (ref: Lin2007Ch1)
    2.   Governing Equations (ref: Lin2007Ch2)

    3.   Basic Wave Dynamics (ref: Lin2007Ch3)

    4.   Pure Gravity Waves (ref: Lin2007Ch3)
5.    Inertia-Gravity Waves (ref: Lin2007Ch3)
    6.   Reflection and Critical Levels (ref: Lin2007Ch3)
    7.   Flows over Two-Dimensional Sinusoidal Mountains
(ref: Lin2007Ch5)
    8.   Flows over Two-Dimensional Isolated Mountains (ref: Lin2007Ch5)

    9.   Nonlinear Flows over Two-Dimensional Mountains
(ref: Lin2007Ch5)
    10. 3D Flow over Isolated Mountains
(ref: Lin2007Ch5)
    11. Flow over Larger Mesoscale Mountains

            (ref: Lin2007Ch5; Lin et al. 1999, Lin et al. 2005, Lin and Savage (2011),  Lin et al. 2016)

Other Orographic Effects (ref: Lin2007Ch5)
Thermally Forced Flow over Mountains (ref: Lin2007Ch.6)
    14. Dynamics of Orographic Precipitation
 (ref: Lin2007Ch11)